Emma Barinas-Mitchell

Assistant Professor; Associate Director, Ultrasound Research Laboratory (URL)


Phone: 412-624-3478


As Associate Director of the URL for the past 5 years, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with more than 10 NIH, ADA and AHA funded projects in the application of subclinical vascular measures in the study of cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention and development. Furthermore, during this time I have been actively involved in research investigating the role of obesity and related cardiometabolic disturbances in the development and progression of subclinical CVD, primarily as a co-investigator on the SWAN longitudinal study of women through the menopausal transition and the weight loss intervention SAVE study. I have also been involved in researching the role of islet cell autoimmunity in Type 2 diabetes, particularly in older populations.


  • PhD