Supriya Kumar

Research Assistant Professor, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences

Behavioral and Community Health Sciences

Phone: 412-624-0234

University of Pittsburgh


I examine the mechanisms by which poverty impacts health.  My collaborators and I use agent-based models to examine factors that may explain the observed association between area-level poverty and high influenza rates.  I also use simulations as a virtual laboratory in which to assess the impact of alternative policies on health.  As a core faculty member of the Public Health Dynamics Laboratory, I engage in highly multi-disciplinary research collaboration with epidemiologists, computational scientists, and health policy researchers.  My goals are to document the mechanisms responsible for unequal levels of illness and death between socio-economic sub-groups of the population, and to thereby ensure that disparities are front-and-center in routine public health planning as well as in pandemic preparedness planning.


  • MPH, PhD